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Assisted Living FAQs

New Jersey Senior Living

Researching assisted living facilities in your area is important when considering moving yourself or a loved one into one. You need to know that this facility will have all the accommodations and services your loved one needs to live the comfortable, independent life they deserve. We offer free private tours at Allendale Community for Senior Living, but just because you can visit doesn’t mean you know what to look for. To help you with your decision-making, we have created this FAQ to serve as a helpful guide.

  • Does the ownership of the healthcare facility have a medical background?

    The Allendale Community for Senior Living was founded over 50 years ago by Dr. Hector Giancarlo, a pioneer in the long term care arena who emphasized quality care at an affordable price. His legacy has been passed down to his son, Dr. Tim Giancarlo who continues the day to day operations. Allendale Nursing Home is a CMS approved 5-Star facility and the Atrium and Carlton Court assisted living have also been given the Advanced Standing award, the highest level of merit in the industry.

  • Is it Clean?

    Hygiene is important anywhere, but particularly in community homes. Do you feel comfortable in the facility? Are there any odd odors? These are some of the things you will want to keep in mind during your tour.

  • Who is Taking Care of My Loved Ones?

    The staff will be an important part of your loved one’s life when they move into an assisted living facility. You deserve to know who these people are and get some information on their qualifications. Will your loved one have a main point of contact that will serve as a familiar face? The management has a duty to assure you that your loved one is in good hands.

  • What is the Community Like?

    One of the major benefits of moving your loved one into an assisted living facility is that they will have more chances to socialize. For privacy reasons, our staff cannot tell you too much about our residents, but we can give you an idea about the general statistics of the community population. You can also have your loved one stay at Allendale temporarily as a respite care resident. This will give them a chance to meet members of our community and see how well they fit in.

  • Will I Be Able to Visit Often?

    Living in an assisted living home does not mean your relationship with a loved one has to end—far from it. Feel free to ask us about visiting hours and all our year round events.

  • Do They Offer transportation Services?

    Find out about the facility’s transportation policies. Many facilities, including Allendale, offer transportation services so that residents can run errands, outings, and attend special events.

  • What Kinds of Activities Are There?

    Everyone has different tastes, hobbies, and preferences. During your tour, we can have you and your loved one sit in on an activity to get a better feel for what we have to offer. Allendale might be the only facility in the region that offers daily ‘live’ entertainment from our vast array of entertainers. All are welcomed to join in the fun!

  • What Is the Meal Plan?

    Nutrition will be a big part of your loved one’s experience when choosing a facility. Find out what the meal policy is and what kind of food is served. If your loved one has special dietary concerns, you will want to be sure the staff chefs will be able to accommodate them. We encourage visitors to eat a meal during their tour.

  • Any Outdoor Areas?

    Fresh air and sunshine are important. Be sure to check out the outdoor grounds to see what it’s like and that your loved one will like it. You will also want to make sure that it is safe and clean.

  • What About Medical Concerns?

    Medical problems are sure to crop up as people get older. Find out what kind of medical services the facility provides and what level of “fitness” residents should be in in order to stay at the facility. There may come a time when someone’s health declines to a point when they need to be moved to another care facility. This is something you will want to know ahead of time.

  • What do the Residents and Staff Have to Say?

    Talk to some of the residents and staff to get a better feel for life in the community. You should also talk to family members of residents if possible to see what their interaction with the staff has been like. Sometimes the best way to get a feel for a place is by talking to the people who already live there. See some our our resident interviews HERE.

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